Capturing your best friend in Paint or Pastel

Pencil or Ink 

on Canvas, Wood, or Paper..........

Pets aren't just pets....they are family!

And these members of our family love us unconditionally and know us to our core. Talk about 'in sickness and in health' my dogs have been at my side through illness, surgeries, death of a loved one, divorce.....they were right at my side and they knew I needed extra care.

Because of this I've taken focused time to create art of my special loved ones and would be honored to do the same with yours. I've done this for dozens of people across the USA and I work in a variety of mediums. I especially love to draw on cedar, paper, or canvas. I use oil, graphite, charcoal, conte, pastels and or ink and create an image that honors your loved ones.  Contact me to determine what medium, canvas type, and size would work best for your pet. or call 805 550-0348