Large Tennessee Blue stone etched and stained oak leaves weighs approximately 125 pounds $1100.

​Commissions Welcome on Stone! 

I've created dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, even one customer's car....price varies based on time, materials intricacy of and let's discuss.

In the style of the original artists....35,000 years ago -

Prehistoric Horse on Sandstone 

Weighs about 90 pounds

Perfect for your garden


Oak etched sandstone approximately 35 pounds $250    SOLD however I can create something similar for you.

​Coastal Oak Rock on Sandstone with dendrites - perfect as a garden center piece that could be made into a bench by adding legs.  

Weighs about 90 pounds

Cost - $850.    SOLD

however I can make something similar just for you

Peace - $50

Peace, Love, Happiness $65

"Happy Couple"  

On Buckskin Sandstone

about 45 pounds 2 feet wide and 2 inches thick


Sandstone Buddha $300

​The process for each stone creation is time consuming. First, finding and  transporting the appropriate stone; then cleaning and determining the subject; next drawing the image by hand - each image is an original; then etching using drill bits, strength and patience; later adding stains - similar to painting with watercolor - but stains that soak the stone and stay permanently; then etching more and staining more until I am satisfied; the last step is a protective coating to ensure durability. who knew that at age 65 I'd fall in love with creating art on stone....but so did our ancestors so why not?

Studying the great artists from Prehistoric to Modern helps improve my style and stretch my imagination. I love creating images on stone. It is a long process however each piece is definitely original. All hand etched and stained.