A variety of local color becomes my subject matter. Here is "My Avila Beach," painted in 1998 before a massive oil clean-up effort. It is available as a poster for $25, a ceramic tile for $25 - that can be used as a trivet or art, a 16"x 20" giclee for $300 or 20"x 40" for $500. Also "Fat Cats" comes in the same forms. The perfect way to remember your favorite vacation spot.

From Terre Haute, Indiana to the Central Coast of California ​with stops in Scotland, Ireland, France, Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand, Ethel "Tink" Landers'

 art reflects the pure joy of living!


​I work in oil, acrylic, pastel, ink,  stone, ceramic, wood.....and more!  

I love etching and staining stone to create one-of-a-kind art pieces for your home, patio or garden.

Hello friends and welcome to my on-line studio.

I do hope you will join me along the lovely Central Coast of California either in-person or via my art and writings. I've been creating art for over 60 years and sharing stories via art and writing for decades!

My work reflects the pure joy of living and the loving energy that flows between all living creatures. I gain insight from my relationships with people, places, animals and Spirit.  My work often reflects my Midwestern roots but is also influenced by my six decades of life and travel. Often I only do one painting or drawing of an idea and then it leaves my studio and lives with you. Over these decades my work has travelled from California to Scotland, from New York to Thailand, From my studio to many places in the USA. Art is like Spirit, it longs to relate.

"Mother and Son"​

is a 16"x20" acrylic on canvas inspired by the journey to Scotland. There we were, my cousin Margaret and I, two seniors running along a busy, two-lane, Scottish highway so I could hangover the fence and commune with happy, grass-fed furry beings who were gazing back at the sea and staring curiously at me! 

"I See Ewe" and "Counting Sheep" are 24"x 24" acrylic on canvas inspired by inquisitive sheep grazing in the rain near Saltcoats, Ayrshire, Scotland. 

Both "Counting Sheep" and "I See Ewe" are available in limited number Giclee's  

12"x 12" wrap around canvas $125

20"x 20"  wrap around canvas $250

24"x 24" wrap around canvas $350   All gorgeous, protected with varnish and you do not need a frame!

"Mother and Son" is an original acrylic, 16"x 20" and $400

Animals are my favorite models...... They are pure souls with an ability to teach us many lessons if we are willing to receive.